Bring back Dark Theme for whole GUI

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With the upgrade to Unifi SDN 5.9.29  everything went all white - as it should because Unifi devices are white in color. There is a preference setting to make the Settings "gear" screen use a "Dark Theme" which is what Unifi SDN GUI used to use for colors. 


I am legally blind. Yes all white is cleaner as a gui and maybe even snazzier. It's a whole lot worse for me. Please allow the "Dark Theme" to apply to the whole Unifi SDN GUI so I can see again. It's hard to see light grey on white icons on the left sidebar and just about everything would be easier for me if I could have the Dark Theme for the whole experience.  

on ‎12-10-2018 05:54 PM

I concure with Giberish.  Everything looks awesome but way to bright for these old eyes.  With duel 34 inch ultra wides, it feels like im getting a tan.

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+1 vote here.


That much white on the monitor is a strain on this old guy's eyes and creates a rapid desire to complete the task and get out. 


I can definitely see how the operational sites fit with the corporate website color palete but tough all the same.



3 weeks ago

I completely Agree!