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Cloud Key Controller SNMP surveillance

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Just got off the chat in hope to find a solution to my problem and was pointed here.

I have at least 50 Cloud Keys around the country with various clients, and most of them also have a computer running surveillance software like PRTG to probe the system, warning me about for instance high CPU usage, downtime, and other stuff.


Now ... On https://unifi.ubnt.com/, I can from time to time find a Cloud Key that is offline. Normally it's kind of a database hickup that has made the controller crash.

So for instance for this particular site ... The cloud key was on

I can log on to the cloud key itself and do stuff like firmware update, change it's name, going from DHCP to static or to DHCP again. Restart, Stop or Factory Reset the Cloud key ... So I'm find. I can fix it.

I can even log on to the switch (not Unifi in this case) and remove the power on the Cloud Key port and therefore "reboot" it that way too...


My problem is that when I visit it says "UniFi Controller is starting up" and it will be stuck there -- for days on end if you want. No matter how many times you reboot.

The unifi.ubnt.com says it's offline. I cannot tell, because it responds on ping and the 8443 port is listening.

I need a way -- locally -- prefably by SNMP traps or a listening port that is NOT listening while loading ... That I can utilize to monitor the same feature unifi.ubnt.com has ... "My controller is down".


With PRTG I can get alerts -- even on a text message if I want to -- if for instance a printer is not responding anymore.

By problem for this matter is that nothing is WRONG other than it's not the correct website provided (it's a "please wait while we load" instead of "here you go, do your thing").


So maybe the controller software could send a "I'm alive"-trap every once in a while and I could listen for that. And if nothing comes for like five minutes .. I can assume it's dead (again).


I just need something else than manually log on to unifi.ubnt.com to see a controller displayed as "offline".

on ‎04-12-2019 06:45 AM

The Gen-1 CloudKey is known to behave strangely in environments where power supply is less optimal.  It doesn't like to loose power.


There is a couple options.

1) replace with the 2nd generation Cloudkey - CK-G2 or CK-G2-PLUS.  This one has a built-in battery and it will shutdown automatically when loosing mains power.  Costs can be significant if you need to replace 50 of them.


2) Use a 220v UPS.  Cost also quite a bit and a small UPS (~600VA) won't keep your CK alive for more than 10 minutes.  Also makes a lot of noise.


3) Use a 5V mini-UPS plugged into the micro USB port of the CK.  They're dirt cheap and keep the CK alive for many hours. We use them all the time.