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Cloud Key

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Status: New Idea

Cloud Key Firmware:  

Current Version: UCK.mtk7623.v0.13.4.410e9b6.190213.1205
Cloud Key Controller:
Current Version: 5.10.17-11638-1
I really like the idea of  AUTO-OPTIMIZE NETWORK
Automatically Optimize Network and Wi-Fi performance

Determines and sets these options for optimum performance:

  • Connects high performance clients to 5 GHz only for all Wi-Fi Networks[BETA]
  • Block multicast and broadcast traffic for high density Wi-Fi networks

When enabled this overrides any manually set values.




...but now that it has been released I would like to know what it is really doing for me.


How about a report providing an "Optimization Report" ?


The following default settings have been overridden and set to ... (etc..)

The following user specified settings have been overridden and set to ...

... by the  the Auto-Optimize Network process.


..also, allow provide a way to "accept/reject"  individual AutoOptimized settings as part of the user specified configuration.