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CloudKey File Browser in recovery mode (anti desaster solution)

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I have experiencing a failing cloudkey and he never want to boot up normally, the only thing possible it was to go in recovery mode and in this mode the SSH or WINSCP not work. I was really afraid to lost the configuration of my SITE and for this particular situation i was thinking how to extract my configuration.


The SD card is not browsable in any computer and for that reason Ubiquiti need to think to a solution to extract the config.


I suggest one of this option


-Make the SD card browsable in recovery mode

-Activate SSH, or WINSCP in recovery mode

-Service to get the last backup copie directly from the Unifi Cloud Access Portal



I have never seen a UC-CK so corrupt it is not reachable by SSH.  


Perhaps you are indeed in TFTP recovery mode, restart the key and it should come back into normal mode.


LED status’es:

white quick flash: recovery mode

white slow blink: normal start

white solid: controller software started up

blue blink: connecting to unifi.ubnt.com

blue solid: connected.


Your corrupted cloudkey probably will have blinking white.  That’s enough for SSH.


Be sure it gets a DHCP lease and if not, make sure your client can reach the default fallback IP it gets assigned after it times out (


SSH is enabled by default on the Cloudkey.

Default login is ubnt/ubnt but this could have been changed by you in (perhaps long time ago without you noticing it) in the ‘Cloudkey’ webadmin section (as opposed to the ‘Cloudkey Controller’ webadmin which you mostly use)


The SD’s filesystem is ext3 so it won’t be directly mountable on Windows or MacOS.  If you install the extfs driver however, you can use it as a normal disk.  Google ‘extfs paragon’ it’s a good thing to have in your toolbox and it has a free trial.


The SD should contain your daily backups if you enabled those.  If not there *is* a backup file on the Cloudkey interal drive which contains your latest configuration.  Don’t remember exactly where but I’ve posted this path a while ago on this forum.



I have bring the CK to 2 ubiquiti expert, one who sale for 3 million of device by year and the other one who diagnose many network by year, the cloud key never get IP and dont broadcast on the network i have try by the mac adress and i see nothing on the network.


My new CK have the fallback ip not 1.20


In recovery mode the light blink white and blue and i am not eable to restore by default.


The the sd card, i was thinking it was in special filesystem like ubtfrs...i will take a look to it and see on my linux if i can see the content because in my situation it was not possible to go in SSH to extract config.


Thank for you reply