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Configurable Device Standby

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I have Unifi devices that are still part of my network but are only needed occasionally. Therefore I don't necessarily leave them all live, all the time. This causes the system to constantly point to this fact as something needing my attention. It would be useful to be able to set a Device to be designated as cold standby or some such label where my only option is to either forget the device or leave it running needlessly, but instead can leave it configured as is from a provisioning perspective but have it deliberately marked as "Offline". Doing so would treat it as still being a listed device but instead of stating "Disconnected", it would simply be listed as "Offline". This would be a simple change to the SDN Gui and would serve to eliminate the warning that "System Needs Attention". And all devices can then be marked in the overview as being in their desired state. To bring a device back to active status, plug it back in and change the device properties to active. Doing so would invoke a re-provision and a return to "Connected" status. From an operational perspective nothing is really changed except for how the SDN presents the status of an item when "disconnected/offline" is the current desired managed state.