Controller based automatic channel and power selection

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Really the one feature that I consider makes it a "managed" solution. Would love it if the controller could automatically pick channels and power strength. Preferable on a regular basis to adapt to any new sources of interference or if adding in a new AP.

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I believe the current "Auto" channel setting only checks for the best channel when the AP boots up, which of course is a major challenge especially in a dense environment. Take an downtown office building or hotel for instance. It is likely surrounded by other buildings running enterprise-class wifi systems, all of which are using auto-channelization. The environment is constantly changing, so the channel that may have been best when the AP booted a week ago is no longer optimal

Even in a rural environment, manually managing channels on more than a small handful of AP's in very cumbersome in ineffective

Here are some features I would like to see implemented as part of this improvement:

  • Selectable Channels - Allow an option to set with channels can be auto selected from. 2.4Ghz would normally default to non-overlapping 1,6,11, but in a very dense environment you would want ALL channels to be possible as an overlapping channel can sometimes offer the highest throughput
  • Configure Sensitivity or Schedule - Allow either a sensitivity setting or schedule setting to determine when channel changes can occur. In a very dense environment, it would be counter productive to adjust channels immediately to respond to every environment change. If a nearby building has an AP constantly flapping between two channels, I wouldn't want my AP's to constantly react but rather analyze and adjust periodically. This could be different depending on the location
  • "Channel Switch Announcement" For Both Bands - AP's should announce to the clients before changing channel so the client doesn't drop & have to reconnect

Thank you!

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With the additional funtionality where the AP continuiously monitors for interfearance and changes channels in real time, not just at boot time.

See Cisco Clean Air feature.

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Agreed; effectively yes, you're looking for Ubiquiti Clean Air!

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I am waiting this feature too. Because i have few site suffer from this problem.
Need to restart AP every day every hour..

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a MUST HAVE feature for a solution that sells itself as a enterprise wifi solution !!

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The current implementation should be renamed to "random". It does NOT check anything. Whether at boot or during operation. It selects channels already in use by nearby Unifi AP's. Im really dissapointed that a so called enterprise wifi doesnt do this correctly. I know Aruba handles this well, even in the 1, 5, 9 and 13 channel scheme. Very little interference.  But Aruba is way overprized and the complexity (all kind of crazy settings are available)  serves nothing but marketing and consulatants. So Ubnt rename it or fix it. Youre products are very interesting but really needs some intelligent management and more central configuration.

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"2.4Ghz would normally default to non-overlapping 1,6,11, but in a very dense environment you would want ALL channels to be possible as an overlapping channel can sometimes offer the highest throughput"

That is absolutely false. Using channels that are not separated by the appropriate amount introduces adjacent channel interference. That is the wireless equivalent of the Devil's playground....

When two APs are on the same channel, they will at least defer transmission until the other is finished broadcasting. When there's a slight offset, such as when you use channel 1 and 4 for example, the AP may succeed in its CCA and broadcast anyway which will result in ISI and all sorts of other really nasty stuff like failed ACKs and retransmits. Terrible terrible idea to use two overlapping channels on APs near each other

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I completely agree that it is a bad idea to use overlapping channels in a perfect world or in an environment that is fully under our control. The reality is that you will sometimes get a higher throughput using overlapping channels in a congested environment. This isn't always the case and the decision should be made by a controller, but it is very helpful to have the additional options. Most enterprise solutions offer this and it should be implemented as a selectable option with the default being to only use 1,6,11

Remember that the sources of interference are not always under our control (other floors in an office building, neighboring buildings, etc.) Sometimes all you can do is pick the best of several bad options for channel selection

I know this is a point of debate in the industry. I would be curious to hear Ubiquiti's take on it. At this point, any kind of controller-based channel management would be a lot better than the current setup Smiley Happy