Controller update/statistics tab in controller GUI

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

I have seen a lot of users ask for their CloudKey to show up in the Devices list instead of the Clients list. 


I agree with this but what about making it have its own tab?

You could have the levels of CPU, RAM, Storage, ect, all in a nice graphical page or something like that.

You could upgrade manually from there

Reboot/ Shutdown the controller (I think the factory reset button should stay in the settings area though)

IF you guys ever let us change the CK screens, those options should be in this tab as well


This could be a really cool way to showcase the controller. 


If its not a CK or CK Gen 2 or + model, maybe give more details about what its running on. I.E. CPU, Memory, Storage stats of where the controller is running. 

Show what type of OS its on (All stats that one might want to try and help someone figure out a controller problem) Such as cloud access status. It could be a little cloud with a "X" through it, if not working, just like the LCD screen has.


I would imagine this could be a very helpful page to have. The controller settings can keep what it has now.