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Coud Key - ip fallback when IP conflict on LAN

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Would like to change CK LAN static IP  remotely

- or have a function that give a IP fallback function, on IP conflict on LAN.


On a client there where One UAP-AC-Mesh that stole the CCkey IP adress and now I cannot communicate none of the BOXES controlled on the remote client site.


A fallback would have saved my day.. :-)




‎12-10-2018 07:42 PM - edited ‎12-10-2018 07:47 PM

The CK, as many Ubiquiti devices, does have IP fallback by default.


You can configure it through your web browser and click through to the Cloud Key manager (which is different than the Controller)


By default it is set on  It will fallback when it doesn't get a DHCP lease.  However if the CK thinks it still has a valid lease it won't fall back until that lease expires.


In your case, a power cycle on the CK would probably set it back to set IP, or the default fallback IP.  If that fallback IP is in the same subnet as your original, you might have chance to reach it.


If you have a USG to give out your leases, keep the CK on DHCP but with a static IP (showed as 'fixed IP' in the controller).  While it won't fix people using that very IP as static in their network settings, the USG won't offer these fixed IPs as leasable.


If you add your CK to unifi.ubnt.com, it will show up as connected from the moment it can route.