Device Property panel Sections GUI suggestions

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How did I do that? But my suggestion is about another aspect of the devices property panels. I don't like how when you click on a section, it jumps, that is, the previous one you were looking at vanishes and the new one jumps in its place, moving up or down, always takes a bit to get oriented.


And the same color background with all the other sections does not help it either, it is not immediately apparent where the section ends and description of another starts. If at least the current opened section took on some preset background color, if you can't do anything with the text rolling up and down whenever you open another section.


Anyway, does anybody know how did I display WAN 1&2 setting at the same time? I like that. Speaking of that, I miss technical info on the Dashboard like current IPs of the WAN interfaces and such like. Maybe there is some widget in custom dashboards?


USG property pannel showing two WANs at the same time.jpg