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Do NOT have the ability for automated speed tests and if you do, raise the min/max from current

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In the Controller GUI -> Site it has a checkbox for "automatic speed test every 10 to 49 minutes".


Why is this option even there?!?


Some people may not care about super crazy waste of bandwidth like this, but I do. I cannot fathom a reason a site admin would want to automatically run a speedtest every 49 minutes, let alone every 10 minutes. The bare minimum any of this should be... and I really say bare, is like 1 or 2 hours for automation and that is super pushing it. Clicking a speedtest in GUI is one thing but to get a good snap shot throughout the day/night "automatically" it should be like 8 hours minimum or 4AM/Noon/8PM as an example, IMHO.


-Black Viper

a week ago


In the last 10 years, I have ran a grand total of 40 to 50 speed tests...

Upgrading phones, check new wireless config, make sure ISP is actually giving the bandwidth paid for...

And over the last 10 years, I have had several different ISP's.


Again, having an automated speed test is completely bizarre to me as I don't think people know what this "tool" is actually for.


Granted, if this speed test was internal (check link between devices), that may be a different story... but completely saturating the production WAN network constantly would make users very very mad on many different levels.


Would really like to hear justification for this options existence.


I really love the UniFi line and I wish to provide feedback to get the best product available, but I feel very strongly that this simply should not exist in it's current form.


Take my opinion for what it is worth... typed words. Man Happy