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Execute stored script on cloud key or remote SSH

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I recently installed a number of very small sites (2 AC Pro's each, no USG) and invested in a cloud key for each, under the belief that this would simplify my management needs for these sites, and is well worth the $100 for each. What has been happening instead however is that the mongo db has been filling up with garbage and the cloud keys are going down, necessitating a service call to each site to restore them. Recently I finally found information on pruning the database via a script and this immediately allows Unifi to come back up, but I still have to visit each site to run this script, as I have no way to access the command line remotely on these UCKs. The sites are dead simple setups, Comcast business gateway and nothing else. I am looking into a custom raspberry pi install to run a DDNS updater and either an SSH or VPN tunnel, but it would be far easier and cheaper to just allow the script to be stored on the SD card and run via a button or crond job from inside the controller, or allow a virtual SSh terminal to be launched from inside the controller. It's bad enough I have to be dealing with an issue like this at all on such small single site installs, but the hoops to fix it and keep it running are making me reconsider whether this is the right solution for my customers.