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Firmware Update Tasks

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it would be charming to have Bulk operations for Sites / or Devices where i can plan Firmware updates to non Business ours!

Maybe with an alerting / message when it completed succesflly or had errors!


Thank you!

on ‎04-09-2019 01:51 AM

At first sight such thing looks interesting.

However in real environments it is hardly recommendable to do automatic updates.


Think about the following...


1. If it ain't broken...

Yes don't we like to think we're missing out when we don't update?

Yes there might be an important security issue resolved with said update.

Yes all those 'updateable' links really beg to be clicked.


2. Is your site really so important?

Yes during an upgrade some clients will go offline for a short time, others will roam to a nearby access point.

No biggy, it looks worse than it is.  We do it all the time during the day.

If a site is indeed of such an importance that kicking off your clients for a couple minutes is not an option, update during the night.  You're a sysadmin, please don't pretend you have a life :-)


3. Updates are risky.

To minimize risk I always update our own Unifi lab equipment first.

Anyway, if my site is so important I'd like to be on site - or at least close by - during upgrades.   It does happen that a CK, USG, US or UAP doesn't come back after clicking the upgrade button.  Not very often, but it happens.

Nobody likes to arrive in the morning finding out that important AP is in reboot loop.


Nothing beats rolling updates managed by your own fingers.  We have hundreds and I'm just doing fine using them.  Again, most updates are not super important to be done directly.  We do them over multiple days, sometimes weeks.

on ‎04-09-2019 01:57 AM



so you think in a world where Customers need wifi to Phone / Work during business times i should kick them off.. i think the APs are not the Problem fine, i updated 20 this night while i was Playing Games Man Happy yes i have a Life with wife kid and cats Man Happy


BUT, the Switches are another thing... why not plan a update on 2 devices at 3 o clock in the night because Offsite Backups are normally running till 2 o clock... 


It would be so easy to implement this even MS and our Monitorung system can Profram planned updates...


i mean it says Feature requests and suggestions... this is one Man Wink

on ‎04-09-2019 02:20 AM

You're absolutely right, this is the UniFi Feature Requests / Suggestions board, and all posts here have a reason of existing.


An issue becomes an issue only if somebody makes it one, and you did.

I personally won't use this feature if it becomes available for the points I made above.