Full Disk or File Based Encryption Support

Submitted by - Saturday
Status: New Idea

I would use the new Ubiquiti Cloud Key Generation 2 Plus Controller, but the most important function I miss is


Full Disk Encryption or File Based Encryption


which ensures:

- nobody that steals the device can extract or view the videos I have recorded

- nobody that steals the device can extract the credentials that were saved in the configuration

- nobody that gets the device in whatever way Man Wink is able to analyze my Wifi-Connect times (which could be used to determine when I was at home and when not)


I thought about something like the 

- Android 8.0+ FBE Implementation while the security relies on the Trusted Execution Environment Implementation


- Windows Pro+ FDE Implementation which relies on Bitlocker in combination with a TPM Chip.


I would see device encryption on USW/Cameras as not so important as it always contains only parts of the configuration and is much more complicated to be extracted.


Without these functions, Persons focussed on Security will always have to use native x86 Setups on their already encrypted devices.