“Full Fat” DHCP & DNS servers on controller

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I believe that there is a desperate need for fully featured DHCP & DNS servers together with full & comprehensive administration from the controller GUI as part of the Unifi solution.

These are light weight services which I feel really would be better serviced from the controller rather than requiring a USG

on ‎04-17-2019 05:33 AM
Makes me wonder how that would work with a non-local controller?
2 weeks ago

I miss the DHCP server on my old pfSense. Would like to see a better DHCP server.


I do DHCP and DNS on a beaglebone or raspberrypi.

DHCP service is soooo much more flexible. I can group devices

by mac addy and gateway them to either of 2 places.


Trusted devices get the normal gateway.

Untrusted devices, such as my Vizio are told to use the USG.


That Vizio tv tattles an awful lot. It's very nice to view just it's traffic classifications

and do a 1 click block. If blocking all internet access to the Vizio causes problems

it's just a 1 click unblock. But there has been no issues.

So take THAT, Mr. Vizio.