Granular control over roaming capabilities *PLEASE READ CAREFULLY*

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We have a number of customers who require real-time streaming over Wi-Fi and when the users roam from one cell to another, it does not matter how well tuned the cells are, the AP's are not doing their job properly.  I figured I would make this a feature request with somthing more specific so that it can receive upvotes and the greta people @ubnt would consider the vital importance of the request.  


The idea is that the Unifi controller commands the AP's on how to operate, their configuration and other deciding factors.  This method of centralized management is not new, but Unifi is a great product line that I want to see great things from.  Right now, roaming seems to be a pretty large issue when it comes to real-time over Wi-Fi.  Since Zero Hand Off seems to be dead, especially with AC and later gear, it leaves implementers and techs with a huge problem.


I have performed real-time CLI monitoring and found one of the biggest problems is the inability to change the configuration for STAMGR.  This little program runs on the AP's to hhelp manage the connecting clients or "stations" (hence, sta-mgr).  Now the fun part, while using STAMGR (aka stainfo) to watch stations roam from one AP to another, I have noticed that the configuration of stamgr is -i 1 meaning it scans every 1 second and -c 30 which means it waits until 30 consecutive failures of the -r setting.  According to standard docs, -r <rssi> kick sta when rssi is lower than specified so then -r is set  from the GUI when you set the minimum RSSI.  However it really is not strictly enforced.  Instead it simply nudges the station to tell it "hey you're signal is low, maybe you should find another AP", but it takes 30 failures and the scans are every second, so that is 30 seconds of failures.  That may be 28 seconds too long in many cases.


So my thought is, give us more granular control over the -i and -c optoin with something like this...

feature request.jpg


This would be extremely helpful with users who are constantly moving especially when they depend on any type of RTP/RTSP.  



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Yesssssssss. Huge plus 1 to this

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thank you.