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Iont know if this has already been asked or even if its a good idea but its something id like to see,


We have about 40-50 sites on our cloud controller and some are the Same company just different locations , Ideally it would be nice iof i could group these together under a Parent Option on both the Current Site list and within the site overview so i dont just have a list of every site filling up my screen , Just highlight the Parent site and then click on a location .




Instead of


>Company A Site 1
>Company A Site 2
>Company A Site 3
>Company B Site 1
>Company C Site 1
>Company C Site 2
>Company C Site 3

You have

>Company A    
    >Site 1
    >Site 2
    >Site 3
>Company B
>Company C
    >Site 1
    >Site 2
    >Site 3

on ‎12-07-2017 08:50 PM


But /agree 100%

Site organization and User (admin) organization is critically important.  LDAP would be ideal.