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Help! Getting charges on card after Setup with Unify software

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Hello, I recently posted about getting my wifi extended to my barn using the outdoor Ubiquty UAP-AC-M. That was a huge success thanks to all those who responded to this forum and helped me along! Thank you! However, in the process of setting up I had to initially sign up and registering with Ubiquity. While in the setup I had to register on another site where it required a credit card and promsied there would be no charges. Today, I have been getting charged small amounts ($2.99 .and $1.02) from a company called mediabak.com). I thought it was strange because the site had nothing about Ubiquity on it. I even stopped the setup process and went thru it several times, only to be taken to this site again and again. Has anyone else had this experience. Again, this site was right in the setup process for the Unify software.


By the way, I put hardwire outdoor Ethernet cale from my house to the Farmers Market even area and placed the outdoor AP on a pole about fifty feet away from the vendors and FINALLY every vendor had Internet access for the first time in twenty years! Thanks again, Ubiquity forum!

on ‎07-07-2018 09:37 AM

Never had to sign up / register with a credit card with Ubiquiti.


Mediabak.com is often linked to malware.




on ‎07-07-2018 10:34 AM

Did you use a guide for setting up? In that case, what guide?

Where did you download the software and what software?

When did the software send you to the mediabak site?