Higher performance USG - Solid State (fan-free)

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The subject says it all really.


Now that FTTP is becoming more prevalent, and the feature set of the USG3 grows, throughput is becoming constrained.


Additional points to consider

Powered by PoE

WAN port with SFP+ option

LAN port with SFP+ option

10GE RJ45 ports

drop console port to make space for SFP options


A quiet, more capable gateway device is overdue (would happily test)



on ‎01-25-2019 11:40 AM

Agreed, the USG3 and USG-Pro's hardware are getting a bit dated for the current WAN speeds lately. And the XG is way too expensive for home / small office. 


I'd be happy with a UniFi modified version of the EdgeRouter-6P.

on ‎01-26-2019 09:08 PM

I totally agree.
If I add one thing, you may not need PoE in home or SOHO. These places seem to require simple switching and DHCP functionality for 10Gbps. Now there are needs at home or SOHO 10Gbps with SFP+ and RJ45 port too. As an alternative to this, I can see the router using mikrotik.com. We look forward to UBNT being able to play a leading role in this area as well.

on ‎02-02-2019 03:35 PM

Yes please. Per the original post. 

on ‎02-06-2019 04:57 AM

I have been seriously looking at the ER4 as an alternative.


A Unifi version of the ER4 good, with SFP+ and 803.2at/af PoE powered better.

3 weeks ago

More powerful USG for higher IPS throughput (hundreds of Mbit w IPS) without a huge increase in cost. (USG-HD-Lite?)


Then an upgraded, more expensive USG Pro with some of these nice to haves would be my preferred path. Not everyone is looking to spend hundreds and hundreds on their gateway alone.

a week ago

How do you propose a home, SOHO or SMB user would actually consume 500mbps let alone a full 1gbps of internet? I've got hotels that are 150 rooms that have never hit 500mbps of use, and that's with a 50mbps cap per device.


Just because they're selling you FTTH and you sign up for gigabit services doesn't mean you'll ever actually use it.

a week ago

+1 Oh yes PLEASE! Most assuredly needed