Improve listing of VPN users and site-to-site in the GUI.

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The listing of VPN users in the Insights section is odd to me. I think they should be listed where other users and networks are. The current information is also incomplete and lacking. There is an IP heading but never an IP listed. There's no site-to-site at all in 5.9.x yet. I propose something that looks like this and welcome other's input. I have local IP and VPN IP because a user could be assigned an IP via config.gateway.json file that isn't part of the VPN network addresses.




on ‎12-12-2018 06:41 AM

Please also include the ability to show this historically - something simple is fine. It would be nice to see VPN Logins for past 30 days or some simple auditing metric. 


Maybe even success and failed VPN auth?

a week ago

@mikesg @blackglove9 both are great ideas and make much more sense that the current (lack of) info relating to remote user VPN.