Include PoE power in switch port statistics plot

Submitted by - a month ago
Status: New Idea

The plotting of statistics is available for many things including the TX and Rx GB of each port of a UniFi switch. However there is additional information available for PoE ports, and that is the power being delivered via that port to the device. I would really like to be able to plot this power usage as a function of time.


The immediate reason for needing this is that I have a misbehaving UVC-G3-Flex video camera which often draws twice as much power as normal and consequently overheats and cycles off and on in a reboot loop. At present it is drawing a normal amount of power but yesterday it was drawing twice the amount. I would really like to obtain a plot in order to work out (and be able to tell RMA!) what is the likely problem, or at least obtain more symptoms of the problem.