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Injector-Powered AP/Switch similar to UniFi In-Wall

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I've got a space has several fixed ethernet-only devices that can't get on WiFi without some kludgy wifi adapter of questionable pedigree and poor reliability. What would be ideal is a WiFi-enabled UniFi switch that could connect all the ethernet devices and put them on the net via wireless uplink. The UniFi In-Wall is potentially perfect except for one thing...You need an ethernet cable to a POE switch to power it. Of course, if you had an ethernet cable running into the space, you could just add a standard switch to service the ethernet-only devices in that space. This catch-22 is very frustrating. If UBNT would make a unit that's similar to the in-wall but injector-powered, I think it would find a lot of happy customers. It doesn't need to mount in-wall, or have POE passthrough, it just needs to combine the wifi and switching capabilities of the existing in-wall unit. 


Thanks for your consideration.

on ‎02-14-2019 09:42 PM

The Unifi In Wall AC and In Wall Pro both support wireless uplink and they can run on passive 48V/0.5A PoE so I don't see any reason why you couldn't configure them the way you want.




Forum thread where people discuss powering UAP-IWs with PoE injectors.
Basically any passive 48V/0.5A injector should work.

The issue with running them off an injector (as mentioned in the above community thread). and probably why Ubiquiti doesn't recommend doing it, is because the IW will directly pass through whatever PoE power it receives and injectors don't seem to do the fancy PoE+ power handshake stuff that the PoE switches can, so there will always be the full 48V/0.5A PoE going to the PoE pass-thru port on the IW.

on ‎02-15-2019 02:18 AM
I already have a spare 48V passive POE injector from an AP-AC-Pro that's being powered off a switch, so it's good to know that this is possible but it would be nice to have UBNT confirm that the only downside to doing this would be the always-on POE passthrough.