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LLDP Capability WAP Only

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Hi There


The LLDP service on the UniFi AP's needs to have capabilities tweeked.


Your Nano HD and UniFi HD broadcast LLDP capabilities are
NanoHD: Bridge and Wireless Access Point
UnifiHD: Router, Bridge and Wireless Access Points


It would be more useful if these AP's would only broadcast their capability as a Wireless Access Point.


I ran
"show lldp neibours" on my Cisco SG300 switch and the results are attached.

Is there a way I can modify the AP's so that that only broadcast it's capability as Wireless Access Points?


On the CLI of the UniFi HD it is possible to get access to lldpcli but the same is not possible for the NanoHD.

I don't know how to manually turn off these bridge and router capability that the lldp broadcast from the the UniFi AP.






 NanoHD - LLDP Capabilities as seen by Cisco SG300UniFiNanoHD_show_lldp_neighbors.JPG


UniFiHD - LLDP Capabilities as seen by Cisco SG300

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The previous AP's I owned would only broadcast it's capabilites as a WAP. This was very useful because I could use CIsco's Smartport feature to auto configure a port for an AP. 

The script that runs to auto configure a port on a cisco is called a macro.

I have a seperate macro that runs automatically depending on capabilities of the device that is attached.

I have a macro for a voip phone, WAP and router.


The UniFi is broadcasting it's capabilities as Router, Bridge and WAP. This causes me a problem because my Router macro is triggered instead of the WAP macro to auto configure the port.