Multi-tenant UniFi controller

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I found this beta forum discussion and thought I would create a feture request for it - Multi Site Management


Some excelent ideas on there:


From @sullivandg

1. Allow segmention of sites on a controller by an additional level so we could tier sites by location or importance?


2. Schedule configuration for notifications. I don't really want to know what is going on between midnight and 5AM (for example), so if we could define multiple schedules which we couple apply to sites for notifications I wouldn't spend my whole life with so many notifications that I can't filter out the important ones.


3. Consider how long it takes to upgrade these sites when required...I like to segment sites into beta for initial updates and then roll out to the rest in two phases...the thought of having 150+ sites go down due to a failed update (think about Microsoft OCT 2018 Windows update) is horrifying. It would be nice to be able to group sites and update groups of sites one click.



From @scott_thomson wrote:


- Multi-site alert viewing & clearing (sites overview is insufficient, painful to page thru each site to view & clear alerts).

- Multi-site seach & reporting: Show me all sites with X, Y, or Z model. Show me firmware versions across sites.

- Mulit-site firmware management & scheduling.

- Multi-site option control: Oh, this new firmware version sh*ts the bed if Speedtest (or DPI or IPS, etc, etc) is on? It'd be nice to turn that off enmasse from one place instead of having to page through each and every site. 


Basically the idea is to group multiple sites together as one tenant - with its own set of admin/read-only users, guest portal per site / tenant and tenant dashboard with overview of all sites.


Understandably this would probably require quite a rewrite of the current controller, however this would make for an ideal MSP solution.

on ‎01-17-2019 09:30 AM

@BWF-IT thanks for putting this together. I'll link another multi-site enhancement request i've just added. Per support, this isn't a bug - so better do yet another feature request for basic sane functionality!