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Multiple Dashboard Logins

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We are starting to use unif.ubnt.com for a large multi-network environment. We will have a large group of networks (100+) on the dashboard which would each be controlled by an individual Cloud Key Controller. With that said, we have close to 25-30 admins that would need access to the dashboard. I would like to receommend that you all allow for multiple logins to be used for singular dashboard access which will allow our admins to see all of our networks/controllers and not have add admins to each individual controller.


With this many controllers and admins, this would be a daunting and never endindg task to have change admin access per controller when new controllers are added or staff changes take place.


We currently use another vendor and we have a singular dashboard with each our admins having access through their own login and they are able to see all of our networks. We are able to change privileges across the board for full access, view only, etc...