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Multiple clients selection to forget them in one shot only

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I apologize for my not perfect English.


In the Unifi Controller software selecting "All Configured Client" I find a lot (really hundred selecting 120 days as date filter) of clients in the "Known Client" list that appear with own MAC address in "Name" colunm not belonging and not being configured in my LAN at all.


I don't know because these clients should be listed in my "All Configured Client" list, I suppose these clients are just seen from my WiFi access point belonging them to neighbor WiFi LAN. 

I not so keen on them, they just disturb being listed toghether my really configured clients.  


I request to forget all of them in one shot only.


Now I have to forget one client at time and the whole task take a very very long time.

Moreover the forget process is very slow when many clients are in a forget queue.


To solve that problem it should be desirable to implement both the following points:

1) a multiple client selection (just like file selectin i.e. using Ctrl key for not sequential selection and Shift key for sequential selection), even better should be to select (or list) all of them using a new filter choice like "Just seen clients" and forget.

2) a new button "Forget all selected clients".


Alternatively all of them should be included in a separate list (i.e. Just Seen Clients list) and not in an "All configured clients" list. 


Thanks for considering that request.