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I have a couple of rooms that currently I cannot pull UTP to unless I cut holes, and I am not at a point to where I want to do that. I have coax in those areas, so I have been contemplating buying some MoCa adapters to extend my physical network to those locations. 

Then I got to thinking, I would like to find a MoCa adapter that was similar to the in-wall access points sold by Ubiquiti, and an even better idea is if Ubiquiti would choose to make such a creature. It could have coax-in on the back with an ethernet port and coax-out on the bottom. 

If there was a way to integrate Power over Coax or something that would be kind of cool. But I don't know how much of that is possible and provide the data connection.

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I did some more poking around, and I am even more convinced that this would be a great addition to the Unifi lineup of products. Axis Communications has a point to point PoE+ over coax 802.3AF for security cameras. The limitation of this particular device is 100MB. But a person can inject from a PoE+ switch ethernet and power down COAX and spit out Ethernet and PoE+ on the other side for Security cameras. Since these cameras are ethernet base, no reason why it could be a PoE switch or AP.

The device is an Axis Communications T8640 PoE+ over Coax Adapter Kit, MFR# 5026-401. Pretty sure it is a white box solution, as a co-worker and I, who both dabble with Ubiquiti Gear at home, and have a Ubiquiti Link on our campus running another building at our work site, found identical devices with different company stickers on them.

If Ubiquiti could make something similar for in-wall installation, and manageable by the Unifi Controller, that would be awesome. I have a few locations where I would install such a creature.  And if you do a Google Search for "UBNT MoCa" there are many threads on Ubiquiti's forums about people asking about MoCa adapters. So I think it would be an excellent addition to the Ubiquiti lineup. 

Edit: It would be a great option for folks getting into Ubiquiti, but cringe at the idea of cutting into their walls, when they already have Coax installed.

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@jmorgan_xx Just purchase a pair of Actiontec ECB6200 they are $82 each on Amazon. They are MoCA 2.0 Bonded, and will allow you to push 1 Gbps. I use them at work. Please make sure you install a "MoCA PoE" (that's Point of Entry, not Power over Ethernet) filter on devices that don't need MoCA, and on the incoming coax line from the ISP. You don't want to share MoCA with your neighbors.