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Per WLAN Group MAC address limitation 512 MAC

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I m RK Dhar. i am working Wireless Planning in trasmission division and WLAN network related issue. 



We have deployed Unifi Controller with UAP-AC-LR devices. and here we also deployed MAC authentication for MAC based accessing. but now we are facing MAC limitation in per WLAN group.  here we only added 512 MAC  but my office users more than 1100 +  users. so how can i add in same WLAN group with MAC based authentication faacility in Unifi Controller. if any option, please share with us.


Or Any liceseing procedure.  We need more users under MAC based authentication which is future 5000 users. So please share your knowledge and add next version controller.


is it possible to work with UniFi controller? we need Each WLAN group can handle minimum 1024 and more. 


Same SSID can be work different WLAN group with multiple AP ?  if possible, how?  





Rajan Dhar

2 weeks ago

Increase the limit of 512 MAC address filter on single WLAN group to Minimum 2048 or more. It is important when we deploy MAC filtering. 

2 weeks ago

If you want, you can selectively create 2 WiFi with the same network to achieve 512 x (no. of SSID).

In addition, I would prefer if you go to RADIUS MAC Authentication instead and have *infinite number of MAC.

*Not much infinite. More than as long as your radius can handle.

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is it possible to implement "RADIUS MAC Authentication "only  with Unifi Controller ? or Any Radius server required? 


 is this radius is free or Unifi Product? if radius server required, then how can we deploy, please share procedure and solution. we are pleased to you solution 


Customer wants ROAMING facility. for this 2 WIFI do not work. @jeiannueva


because we already deploy MAC filtering and roaming facility for the customer and now they are enjoying but now we are facing MAC limitation MAX 512 in MAC filter option. Actually we need more MAC under MAC authentication.



RK Dhar.





2 weeks ago

You can do https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Wireless/USG-Radius-Server-Mac-Authentication/td-p/2471808


Please not that it's not advisable to use both. Please use either the Authenthication or Filtering only

2 weeks ago

We got MAC Filtering limitation max. 512 per WLAN... 


Separate WLAN: limitation will be solved but different WLAN create roaming facility issue. 


How can i solve roaming facility and MAC filtering in UniFi controller?