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Pre and Post Authorisation VLAN tag change

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It would be great if i could put guest clients that are not yet authorised (guest portal for example) tagging in one VLAN then once they are authorised drop them on to another. I can then give them access to the guest portal server to authenticate then thrown them to a truly seperate network after without relying on the unifi in built restriction settings.




on ‎04-01-2019 10:56 AM

In the ordinary case, WiFi authorization is for the

radio link--not the network. So the VLAN the radio

is in is not 'authorized'--it is the link to the network.


In any case, what's the reason you want to do this?
What are the 'unifi in built restruction settings' you

refer to?  dave

on ‎04-01-2019 11:14 AM

Nice idea @careportit 


I think this should be possible through a custom external portal server

on ‎04-09-2019 03:12 AM

Hi Dave-D, it was so i could have them on one VLAN that has access to the Unifi Controller server pre auth then once authenticated flip them to another VLAN that then only allows internet access for example.


Hi jamesmpc, do you have any info on the external portal server set up?

It isn't something i have ever used before.