Provide CentOS/RHEL compatible RPM and repository for the controller

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Would be nice to have the UniFi controller provided as an RPM and installable using YUM for CentOS and RHEL deployments.  

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Adjust the version number - but URL to download the unifi software for Centos is: - as of writing this anyways.


So... you can check version number here:


You could also do an RPM install option too - Here is a Howto (Again adjust version numbers as if / needed):


It has been so long that people have been asking for Ubiquity to offer this officially - even if "Not Supported" - most people check these forums for the solution to this install problem, so support becomes only as good as peoples problems and the solutions they and others come up with.

Kinda cool - so the INFO is out there on how to install on Cent / RedHat etc... There are even Fedora RPM's out there...


A Problem that I see - is that there may be several RPM's out there, and they could be different on how they install -file location -  etc and when you download the file from unbt it is just move the files in place, config them, put firewall rules in place, and make sure that you have other software that you need etc, and there you go - config software to start on boot!


Good luck getting things installed if that what your post meant - there should be enough info here to get that going!

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