Provide CentOS/RHEL compatible RPM and repository for the controller

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Would be nice to have the UniFi controller provided as an RPM and installable using YUM for CentOS and RHEL deployments.  

on ‎02-25-2015 09:46 AM

I second this.

on ‎05-06-2016 03:59 PM

Or an official repo like already done for Deb.



on ‎05-06-2016 06:37 PM

+1 for me here.  The only Linux distro I'll use is CentOS.  So if you provide installs for all UniFi products in CentOS I will be one happy camper!

‎05-26-2016 05:40 AM - edited ‎05-26-2016 05:41 AM

+1 for me here. And it's not much different to create a rpm package compair to a deb package nowadays.

on ‎06-03-2016 10:52 AM

I know it's not hard for us to roll our own rpms,  but given it's so easy, it would be better surely done once by Ubiquiti and then updated as new releases are made just as with the deb package rather than have a whole load of users running possibly out of date versions of your software and there being a whole range of slighly different ways people have chosen to try and repackage. e.g /opt vs LSB complancy

on ‎08-12-2016 08:56 AM

RHEL/Centos are a standard for many large organizations.  RPM support would be a big step towards adoption in those arenas.

on ‎08-12-2016 12:19 PM
Since the DIY zip is not available anymore, having a RPM (or better a repo) will be a very good thing (way better than having to take appart the deb Man Very Happy )
on ‎08-12-2016 06:06 PM


on ‎08-14-2016 02:50 PM

Seriously, we need this as enterprise users.

on ‎08-14-2016 04:44 PM

Make sure you give this a thumbs up if you support.