Radius MAC-Auth Bypass (MAB) with Dynamic VLAN

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Hi, I know this feature has been request many time on the forum, but I don't found any feature request for it.


It will be really helpful to have MAB in unifi ap.

For those like me that use Radius as authentification method, there is a huge lack for user that doesn't support wpa-entreprise. (xbox, ps4, chromecast, etc) 


I'm now using an edgeswitch setup in MAB instead with a wpa2-psk wlan.

But it's not really a good solution since I can't use wpa-entreprise in parallel so I have to put every mac in the radius table...


Could you please integrate MAB with dynamic VLAN support in the unifi AP?


on ‎03-23-2017 12:11 PM

+1 on this!!!

on ‎05-10-2017 10:59 AM
on ‎06-10-2017 08:11 PM

Amazed I never posted to this.


Plus 1, plus many, many, many.  MAB would be nice, but DVLAN would be amazing.  Thought being.


The pairing of media devices and printers in the same VLAN was their WPA-E counterparts in a multiple group/residence setting.


Current have an apartment building with 2 PSK SSIDs for Media Systems and 2 WPA SSIDs for everything else.  Now  I could just collapse everything into one network, but rather not have 200 devices in one VLAN.  What I'd want to do is a per-apartment VLAN.  So each dwelling gets its own VLAN  (About 80 rooms).  Then all their devices exist on the same network segment, which then makes it so they can control there media devices/TVs with phones and tablets, and do streaming from one to another with little issue.  Basically creating a more "homelike" atmosphere.  Also, potentally firewalling off printers from other user devices.  Rather than give each room its own router and spread 80 random networks in a local area.

on ‎07-26-2017 02:49 PM

We have a similar need we need to create dynamic vlan functionality for the hotspotsystem to allow the creation of a vlan network for a certain user based on login. 


I use a room number for username and lastname for the password. Based on this we could use a MAB I suppose to do rules but like the appartment example above I need to segrate all the user in each room of the hotel environment.

on ‎02-01-2018 06:33 AM

this is already possible with Unifi devices, although you have to edit site configuration manually to have VLAN assigned.

on ‎03-28-2018 05:35 AM