Rearrange Information in alert Emails

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Similar to other suggestions, but one that could probably be done without much work:

What I see now:




2018-12-27 09_57_08-Window.png


What I'd like to see:


2018-12-27 09_57_08-Window_.png


This way I don't have to scroll through an alert to see what exactly went down.


Also, could the subject be modified?

"[UniFi] Alert: Switch Disconnected" 


doesn't tell me anything


"[UniFi] Alert: CLIENT-SW01-48 Disconnected" 


is much better.





a week ago
For some reason, I only can receive Alert emails. It seems that if you configure the notifications to just sent an e-mail but not an alert, no e-mail is being sent.