Request: Easy wifi time scheduling override mechanism

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I have set up two wifi networks:


Wifi Main is used for my wife and I and is on 24/7

Wifi Time is used for our kids devices and employs time scheduling


It works great (in my opinion - not the kids though...), but often I want to grant the kids extraordinary access outside the normal schedule. As far as I know, I can do that in one of two ways:


  1. I can let them connect to Wifi Main in which case I manually have to enter the pw for that network on each device as well as remember to do 'forget wifi' on each device afterwards. Oddly enough in this case, the devices tend to "disappear out of sight" once access is granted... 
  2. I can extend the time schedule for Wifi Time to turn it back on, but it is cumbersome and I have to undo the changes later not to make the extension permanent which is equally cumbersome...
    It would be great to have a switch that easily allowed to temporarily turn Wifi Time on overriding the its time schedule until the next trigger in the schedule is reached. Say Wifi Time is scheduled to turn off at 8.00pm daily. At 8.15pm I flicked the switch back on and at 10.00pm I turned it off again. If I forgot to turn it back off at 10.00pm, it would stay on until 8.00pm the next day.

Alternatively I thought of using the 'Block client' feature, since blocking/unblocking clients is fairly easy to do. The idea would be to have the kids devices set up for both wifis, but having them blocked by default on Wifi Main. Hence, when extraordinary wifi time was granted, I could simply unblock their devices from Wifi Main and block them again when it was time for bed. Unfortunately it does not work since blocking a client means I block the client from both wifis. Support suggested MAC-filtering which can be done at the wifi-level, but that is not easy to turn on and off.



Unifi USG 3P

UniFi Switch 8 POE-60W

2x Unifi AP-AC Pro

Windows 10 controller

on ‎04-13-2019 11:05 AM
Why not simply create a new WLAN / SSID with the 'extraordinary' access you want? You can give it a separate schedule, and even disable it completely with a single click if you like. Dave
on ‎04-13-2019 11:46 AM

Sometimes complexity clouds simplicity - I simply didn’t think of it.


Thanks for the hint.