Request: Force All Outgoing DNS Traffic to Specific Server

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I have a USG-PRO-4 and just switched from pfSense. In pfSense I was able to catch all outgoing DNS requests (regardless of which server they were pointed at) and redirect them to some other internal or external DNS server. Part of my security and content filtering strategy requires this but there is currently no easy way to do it with the UniFi controller.


Can this be added as an option in the controller GUI? Something like a checkbox that says "Redirect DNS Requests" and a field to manually enter an address.


Currently files have to be modified by hand and the changes won't persist once a change is made to the USG from the controller. Below are a few links that outline the necessary changes, which can't be done from the controller.


2 weeks ago

@kevinbringard, yes this would make more sense. I agree.





+1 for this feature, would be extremely useful!