Request; timeframe selection in the Statistics part of the Unifi SDN Controller

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This is absolutely really urgently needed........!!!!!


Ubiquiti Unifi provides a sophisticated system for network-services, which also enables a sophisticated data-collection, but the statistics based on this are Medieval without a proper timeframe-selection, example today, this week, last week, this month, last 3 months, last year, custom dates, etc.. It is really misleading to call this Statistics when you don't have a selectable timeframe, you can't follow changes in the performance after you make some improvements, or after making other agreements with certain departments or people, it was so... and now it's like this......


I have invested a lot of money in Ubiquiti devices, also based on all the nice statistics pictures, providing me the idea that also this part of Ubiquiti's networkservices is sophisticated, but I have misjudged this severely and I am really dissapointed that such a sophisticated and expensive system doesn't provide timeframe-selection on their statistics. Not to be blunt be in principle you should be ashamed that you underestimate this part of the functionality in the way you do.


Continue all the good work, but please include and profesionalise Statistics in your Best Practice.

3 weeks ago

Please Please Please this!

I am at an absolute loss at trying to figure out how/what/why I am going over my Internet Data Limits and without anytime of timeframe selection this is almost impossible!

I am almost tempted to 


At least give us the ablity to export the data into somthing like WireShark