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Security improvement: Hide version number at UniFi controller login

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All references to version number should be removed from the UniFi controller login to prevent targetted attacks against older versions.

‎08-13-2017 09:50 AM - edited ‎08-13-2017 09:51 AM

I depend on the version number to verify what

is currently installed and if an upgrade has

been properly completed.


It's also crucial to beta testing.


There will only be old versions displayed if an

installer has failed to accept offered upgrades.  Dave

on ‎08-13-2017 09:55 AM
@Dave-D This would only be from the potentially public facing login screen - nothing would stop you logging in to check the version.
on ‎08-13-2017 10:40 AM

In what cases would you want a 'public faciing logon screen'?

A UnIFi array isn't a public event. Even in that unfortunate

case, if you keep the array updated, there's not an issue.    Dave

on ‎08-13-2017 10:52 AM

Clearly a public facing login screen is not ideal, but I guarantee you that won't stop many less experienced admin's setting it up this way. The same people who are likely not ontop of updates!