Small, self contained AP for mesh extending

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How about a small, poe powered AP for extending a network.  Anticipating it will mesh/wireless uplink.   Smaller  the better.  Must be self contained.


today, I needed to have 10 WiFi enabled devices working.  They were just on the edge of the WiFi range of the main. Network.     I used an IW HD that I have been too lazy to deploy.   Mounted it to a box, used an injector.  Powered it up and jackpot!!!  


Its ugly, but working.  How about a small form from UBNT that does this.  

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I'm not sure why the IW-HD's aren't the end solution. How much smaller are you trying for? The AC-Mesh are a great option, and if it's a smaller install the Amplifi's are ideal.
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Picture a amplifi sized cube that integrates into the UniFi ecosystem.


yes the IW works, and maybe I will build a nicer case/enclosure and be done.   But a proper designed one would be better