Store User Interface settings on the server side (persistently).

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I frequently log in to the Controller from different PCs only to find that all my UI settings (24h time, dark mode, columns in device and client views, ...) have reverted to the default. This leads me to believe that these settings are currently stored in the user session (in browser cookies or similar).


Could you please change that to store the data persistently in the database (e.g. have a UI settings table and one entry per user with all the respective settings)? That way, the UI would always be consistent, no matter which device/browser the user logs in from.

on ‎02-05-2019 01:14 AM

P.S., if you wanted to be more granular, you could even make it one entry per user per site (so that users can have different UI preferences depending on which site they're currently in).

on ‎02-12-2019 03:55 AM

I also would much prefer that that the settings are either global or global with an optional user override.


Especially in Europe where 12-hour time and the MM/DD/YYYY is not used, this is annoying.


I could live with the panels / data settings being user-local only, but for the love of god, please make at least the localization settings global for all users.

4 weeks ago
It's extremely annoying to have to go to these settings first, EVERY TIME you login. Also the "What's new?" splash screen is not so new anymore after a hundred times.
Annoying that pressing "Apply changes" it shows that "Your UI preferences were saved successfully."
But it does not save it permanently, just for the current session.