Traffic Shaping on USG

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Hi, my ISP requires that i set my firewalls traffic shapeing rules in order to achieve the speeds that I pay for. I am able to achive this on a cisco router by using 


Step 1.
Create Policy Map
class class-default
shape average
E.g. For a 20Mbps service: router(config)# policy-map
class class-default
shape average 19600000 200000 0

Step 2.
Apply Policy Map to interface/sub-interface
interface ethernet
service-policy output
Fast Ethernet interface
router(config)# interface FastEthernet4 service-policy output ISP_20M_service


Having the ability to set the shaping rate, shaping burst and extended burst on your firewalls would be a great feature to add and allow me to use your firewall on my network.