UAP IW with PoE passthrough on the backside instead of front

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I've got requests for residential network installations where it can be hard to make a tidy installation without using already build in tubing in the walls that are or have been used for phone wiring.


I wonder if another IW model with PoE thoughput on the backside instead of the front could be made to make it possible to chain couple three or maybe even four such IW devices. It would be just great to be able to make a really nice and tidy installation just replacing existing phone wires with Cat5e cables and connect between the IW's.


I don't know if it's possible according to actual power usage etc but the UAP-AC-IW that I'm using is according to the US-16-150W that it's connected to consuming about 3.5 W. If four IW's would be used (4 x 3.5 = 14) in a chain it would have margin to the 15W that AF is specified to.

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It should not be "tidy installation without using already built in" it should be "tidy installation using already built in"....

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These are really two requests.


I like the idea of an 'internal' PoE jack; it would have worked

well for a recent installation. Lacking that, I used an available

right-angle RJ-45 adapter that 'pointed' the jack back toward

wall to plug into a cable throough a small opening.


But 'daisy-chaining' is often not a good idea--especially if PoE

power is involved. Clearly, a chain is broken by any bad link.

Worse, a chained PoE system would require each in-wall

device to carry far more current than it now can handle.   Dave

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I know that the current can get too big but it should be built in ahd checked wia LLDP / topology checkto see if and if so how many devices are mounted in a chain and then shut off the PoE output if the current is too large for any of the previous devices.


It should be able to do this if the devices was designed for this use even though the present ones are not.


One way could be to use an external PSU like the ones used by the US-8-60W if "too many" devices are connected in a chain.


I also see a risk for single point of failure but that could happen to any chain coupled switches if they for example isn't using RSTP.


I have one site where the only possible solution today is to mount double RJ45's in each "hole in the wall" where each socket goes to the previus and next room and where the sockets are connected to two ports in for example US-8.  This installation would work fine, no problem there but it would be tidy in any way. A solution with IW's that could be chain coupled would be really nice in this kind of places.

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Yes: a complex design like that is possible, but you should

understand that will significantly raise the price for every unit

and many users will not need this feature.


In the mean time, check out that 90deg. adapter..  Dave