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USG Enhancement request

1.Reserve IP addresses via MAC address

2. Have reservation list section on the DHCP configuration page.

3. List the Cloudkey device in the UBNT device summary. 

4. Be able to assign WAN priority for either WAN port in controller.

5. Be able to see the USG logs in the controller. Not via CLI.

6. Have a refresh function on the logs summary page to see errors in real time.

7. USG is very slow to respond when a configuration changecis made. Anything can be done to improve this.

8. Appears discovered cloudkey not seen in online account if WAN2 connection being used. Perhaps periodic update push out with current public IP.

9. Reduce the number of updates to a monthly rollout.

10. Ability totdelete default site when controller has multiple sites.

11. Clearer error msg on password setup for controller  We were not providing a secure enought password, but the error msg (lack of), did not say this was the problem. 





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Could you PLEASE just switch the product?


You're spamming the whole board with your whines.



The unifi range has a clear focus.


If you need more features you can swap to EdgeMax & Co. If you need even more features, get a Juniper SRX, Cisco ASA or a Sophos UTM.


If you are not able to handle that stuff, maybe McDonalds is seeking staff. But wait... they have touchscreen counters... with more than 5 buttons!

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Hi @redbear


I agree with you that @Deleted Account seems to get specific needs which makes the choice of the USG unadapted, however UBNT team dedicated this section to release all the users idea and pickup what seems for them worth beeing implemented.


The point is not trolling but some lacks are existing, I've personnaly tried the USG, for the price it's making a good job when staying in very comon use. Some things are missing though, for example you can limit bandwidth on a wifi group but will never be able to do it on a LAN user (nothing much different or more difficult here), and there are lots of other improvments idea anyway.

UBNT is doing a fantastic job first due to their team but second because they do listen as much as they can to their customers.


Have a good day

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Yes, I get your point but he made a seperate post for all the above and this one.


The suggestions board is not for complaining things a 1000 times. Do it once and do it right.


He may complain as much as he wants but he shouldnt spam the whole board with duplicates.

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Totally agree I've missed this fact Man Wink