Unifi - Length of Cable from switch port

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I have several Unifi-24-250w, Unifi-16-250w, and Unifi-8-150w switches and I think it would be a beneficial tool to see the cable length from the switch port to the terminating devices. Maybe under the tools section, you can add a button to run and select the port you wish to run it on and view results?


It appears other devices in the Unifi family have it:


US.v3.9.18# swctrl -d cable show
Port  Status          Distance
----  --------------- ---------------
   1  Normal          0m - 201m
   2  Normal          7m - 27m
   3  Normal          0m - 10m
   4  Normal          0m - 12m
   5  Open            Failure at 9m
   6  Normal          0m - 14m
   7  Normal          0m - 10m
   8  Normal          0m - 12m
swctrl -d cable show


on ‎02-18-2019 08:54 AM

seems like that doesn't work on 4.0.21, 'command deprecated'

on ‎02-18-2019 08:57 AM

It depends on the particular chipset in the unit as to wether that function can be done - not all the switches have the capability...


on ‎02-18-2019 08:58 AM

It used to be there, but was removed. It wasn’t that reliable anyway.