User based time control of internet access (child savety lock)

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as you offered already for wifi access "User based time control of wifi access"

please also offer a possibility to time control the internet or LAN access for wired devices.


Example: I want to restrict the access (internet or complete LAN) for my kids

Sunday-Thursday 23:00 - 6:00

Friday-Saturday 24:00-6:00


In Germany the Fritz Box is very common as intelligent modem/router - here you can define device groups (e.g. "kids") and define such internet access times per device group. Or filters (blacklists/whitelists) for web pages etc. Or restrict access to x hours in the defined time schedule.


I have seen a kind of solution in  Time based drop all on LAN_IN for certain devices

but this seems to complex for me - I need a graphical interface in my unifi controler such as



2018_12_30_Kindersicherung Fritz Box 2.png

In this example access is granted on Monday from 6:00 to 22:00 - but only for 1 hour in this time frame.

On Saturday and Sunday here 2 hours are allowed.


For wifi unifi already provides a kind of WLAN schedule - but not that nice as above shown AVM Fritz Box does:

2018_12_30_WLAN schedule.png


2 weeks ago

I too am in desperate need for this solution.

My autistic teenager is prone to wake up in the middle of the night and silently going online only to spend the next school day sleeping in class. I know of more parents that have sneaky nightcrawlers like mine.
Currently I both remove/lock his devices and block their access from the AP but there are times when I forget one or more devices (switch, mobile, laptop, desktop, iPad). Also, it's pretty bad when I forget to turn the restrictions back off in the morning and he gets "punished" for no reason.

Having automatic restrictions would be a wonderful feature!

a week ago

This will bee verry important