VOIP cordless phone with central answering machine

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I know UniFi VOIP supports Bluetooth and Wifi on the newer VOIP phones, but I thing the range could benefit from a cordless phone system ( like with DECT 2.0 phones ).


It would be nice to have an out-of-the-box solution that has :

- DECT 2.0 compatible cordless handsets , with secure voice transmission.

- Decent battery life and common/easy to source battery.

- Centralised answering machine integration with multiple voice mail boxes.  This could potentially use the cloudkey 2.0 to configure and provide storage for the voice mail boxes.

- Voicemail push service that emails voicemails and missed call information.

- security, security, security 😁

- Universal power supply (110V/240V) with IEC connectors.  Will make it easy to adapt to international markets.  Perhaps PoE+ power could be utilised to power/charge the base/phone.

- Decent customisable colour display that is easy to read and can provide various information. 

- Possibly have email/internet capability. ... "

on ‎02-17-2019 09:57 AM

Perhaps you don't know that the original promise of the

UVP product line was to release a full-featured PBX as

well as the phoones. Once in a while, we hear that this

product is being refreshed, but no news so far.   Dave