WLAN Schedule

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being a manager I would like it  that I can break up the WLAN schedule so the wifi is on during different parts of the day so my emploeeys are not destracted. (i.e. WI-FI on for morning break, lunch break, and afternoon break)
on ‎12-16-2018 04:56 AM

+1 for me.


my installation is in a bar. I want the guest network to go down at 2 am.it needs to be up from 10 in the morning until 02 at night.

as a workaround I created 2 networks:



bar-guest from 10 - 24

bar_guest from 24 - 02

a month ago

I have three different properties all dealing with this issue.  I've done exactly the same thing as Heeren for all three.


We first asked for this change three years ago and still no updates.


I really don't feel this is an unreasonable request, and it should have been addressed when first offering this feature.