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WiFi scheduling by groups of clients

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I have a small network with around 30 or so wired and wireless devices running two WAPs, one switch and one gateway--all UniFi. There are three SSIDs in use: one production, one guest, and one for IoT; streaming; and tablet devices. Without creating a fourth SSID, I need to set certain times when only some of the clients connecting to the IoT SSID are able to access the Internet vs. times when they cannot. It would be great if I could create a group of some kind, add those clients (by MAC using their and/or friendly name) and then set a schedule for each weekday/weekend/day/etc. of when they are able to connect and/or access the Internet. Whether this was a fiewall rule for all traffic for that group by schedule or a setting under the wireless network for connectivity in general, it would be extremely helpful to have this feature. Unfortunately isolating this to just wireless clients would not provide a full resolution to the matter since some clients needing to be scheduled in a mixed use network/VLAN would still be able to get online.


Scenarios where this would playout:

1. You want your kids' devices (TVs, tablets, game systems, etc.) to all disconnect at 9p during the week and 11p on the weekend.

2. You allow customers or students to use kiosk desktops/tablets during the day and want to cut off the computers access to the Internet outside of business hours or during class sessions.

3. You allow customers to use guest Internet access via WiFi, have a TV streaming online content in the lobby from and want to disable Internet access for the guests afterhours and half of all weekends.


In any of these scenarios, if you already have the maximum number of SSIDs and adding a one more WAP would not solve the issue based on geographic diversity, then simply rolling out a new, separate SSID with WLAN scheduling would not be enough. Plus, that would not address any wired clients.


I could see how down the road, adding Active Directory integration with this would also be useful for environments where an employer wants to limit Internet access to specific employees during business hours but lets them browse freely during lunch. But for now, just being able to identify known wired and wireless clients and then scheduling their Internet access would be key.