Wireless power fine grained scheduling

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The current wireless scheduling is a binary ON/OFF, deployed at wireless network level. I'd consider more useful a scheduling to be done at the single radio frequency level. Select a power level to be deployed in a certain slot during the specific day, say high from 0800 to 1600, low from 1600 to 0800 and apply it sorta like a port profile to one or all the radios of each ap. If you don't want/need the power schedule you don't add the profile or do a profile override. I am attaching a snapshot of my netatmo thermo schedule to give an idea on how it could be illustrated on the controller

on ‎02-17-2019 10:04 AM

Why is this kind of control important enough to invest in

a new engineering development? I find it difficult to imagine

a scenario where power level changes would be much use.   Dave

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Before recently a home user would not have interest into having network access at night, nowadays iot devices need uplink constantly. Plus you cannot do split scheduling for 5ghz and 2.4ghz, it's at network level. So you might emit while you don't need a frequency increasing your attack surface, which is bad since there is no new client notifications and if you don't have historical data/short retention you might not even notice someone got in. In short the current scheduler option could add some additional options to cover modern market requirements

on ‎02-17-2019 11:19 AM

'Attack surface'? "..modern market requirements"? If you say so....

on ‎02-17-2019 11:28 AM

Dude if you feel like this feature request interest you add a +1, if you don't care for it just ignore it. Being a contrarian because it doesn't fit your usage schema doesn't help neither of us. 

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Actually that's not what Dave's post is about - we often post comments on suggestions to point out things that might be problems or unnecessary, to explain things further,  and to make clear to other readers of the Forum what's going on - it's not all about you...