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Xbox One/Windows 10 App for Viewing Only

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I'd like to pitch the idea for a Xbox One/Windows 10 app for Viewing Only.

It can be similar to the mobile apps for Android and iOS.


I have had number of home customers ask me about an Xbox One (Playstation too) app hence the reason I suggest it for Windows 10 (from my understanding the coding for apps are virtually univeral between Xbox and WIndows).


It'd be great to have the ability to view on Xbox One. I myself would like this for my Xbox.


Hope this can come to fruition.




a month ago
What benefit would this have over using the web browser both for the xbox and Windows to pull up the controller????
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I'm more interested in Xbox App. Let's forget about the Windows 10 app for simplicity sake.

1. I don't need to have a computer by the TV.

2. Can I use Edge in Xbox for it? ( I haven't tried, so clarification would be appreciated) - If it is I'd think it be more tedious than an app having to move the mouse around, and if this is case, I really can't see people using because it will be tedious.

3. The intention here is absolute simplicity for Viewing Only.

4. My residential customers ask for it so there must be merit to it.


Maybe this analogy can be applied, using a computer for video files viewing vs using Kodi or another app. I personally would use Kodi. Mitka