Yubikey as 2FA option

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I would like to have the options to use my Yubikey for the 2FA on every ubnt portal ;

unifi cloud, unifi controller, unifi video, unms.


This is wait quicker than google Auth for me.




on ‎04-23-2018 04:51 PM
I don't know anything about Yubikey but according to wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YubiKey it says YubiKey supports TOTP which is what google authenticator uses. Maybe give the instructions here a shot https://support.yubico.com/support/solutions/articles/15000006470 You should be able to adapt them for UNMS instead of gmail I think.
on ‎05-01-2018 07:54 PM

Love this idea. Go for UNMS, Unifi, and EdgeMAX integration. Would make things SO much safer!

on ‎08-05-2018 07:01 AM

I don't know if this request was originally for Yubikey OTP, but I would like to see U2F/WebAuthn support.

on ‎08-05-2018 12:14 PM

Excellent Idea

on ‎08-17-2018 06:15 AM

Fully support-- great for EdgeMax gui's as well.  Shame to have a secure ssh key, but still be stuck using passwords...

on ‎08-26-2018 09:53 AM

I would prefer U2F support over the OTP Yubikey does.