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on ‎06-18-2014 08:12 PM

ZH is really cool, but we use AC models that don't support it and find for most use cases it’s not a must have. Personally if you have use for AC - I’d still purchase the AC version and just wait for them to release a compatible version of ZH.

In typical environments for the most part laptops/cellphones do a decent job on their own. Also I find the range to be better with the AC models so it’s really about when you'll have the budget to purchase access points again, if it will be a few years make the jump you won't regret it.

on ‎07-10-2014 05:53 AM

any news? tnx

on ‎07-15-2014 06:18 AM

I can't say I agree with wpeters. I'm running one UAP-AC and one AP-LR. The range on the UAP-AC is completely bad. Especially the 5GHz radio.

What I do agree with is that my devices seem to do a good job switching between these two APs. I see them switching between both APs. Probably not without any network traffic loss though (haven't tried).

Really would recommend going for the AP-LR above the UAP-AC. I've only experienced negatives about the way more expensive UAP-AC up to now.

Would be nice to see the Zero Handoff feature on the UAP-AC as well so to make it better worth the money paid for it.

on ‎08-01-2014 06:33 AM


is there already any news when Zero Handsoff will be released for the UAP-AC ??

Is it sure that it will come?



on ‎09-03-2014 12:06 PM

I am just another frusterated customer waiting for ZH..  Man Happy  We were hoping to see it in July.. but anytime would be great.  Man Happy

on ‎09-17-2014 12:23 AM

Zero Handoff would be very nice. Please.

on ‎09-18-2014 05:48 AM

Same here, waiting for ZH on UAP-AC Man Happy

on ‎09-24-2014 07:11 AM

 just another guy that jumped on UAP-ACs without researching. have been holding on to them in hope to see the  Zero-Handoff and Wireless Uplink features. I hope the new product line did not divert the attention and resources from addressing this. An ETA would be great.


on ‎09-25-2014 03:07 AM

+1 for Zero-Handoff.

I've substituted my infrastructure with:

1 x UniFi AP-AC
2 x UniFi AP-Pro

When I move from an AP to the other I loose the connectivity: that's really really and once again really annoying...

on ‎09-25-2014 07:16 PM

Also was under the impression the unfi range all had zero handoff. I now have 3 APs sitting on the shelfMan Sad